Name Rank Unit Unit Role
ICKOVIČ Zelman LAC 310 Maintenance Assistant
ICKOVICZ [Král] Eliáš LAC Depot Cook
ILLEK Jan Cpl 310 Cook
ILLOVÝ [Denis] Zdeněk Sgt 311 Wireless Mechanic I
IRVING Jan Roman F/O 311 Pilot
IŠTVÁNEK Rudolf LAC 312 Armourer
IVANČÍK † Jozef Cpl Cz Depot Flight Mechanic E
IVÁNEK Boleslav Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
IVANIČ Ľudevít F/Sgt 312 Fitter II A
IVANIŠ Andrej AC1 310 Maintenance Assistant

Page last updated 28 November 2020.

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