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  1. Hanina Prechtlová says:

    Děkuji za tyto stránky. Skvělá práce!

  2. Graham Sutcliffe says:

    Wonderful website and was great to find my uncle William Lesile Frost mentioned in the British points from East Tilbury Bata factory

  3. Fred Norman says:

    I feel so proud and privileged to have just witnessed “The Loch Doon” Aircraft being unveiled at the Dumfries Aviation Museum, and what a brilliant job they have made of bringing this Aircraft back to it’s former self, I have to say, the people involved in restoring it have done not only the Aircraft proud, but Lt. Frantisek Hekl proud as well, his Spitfire now stands on it’s wheels again

  4. Michal Luksicek says:

    Skvele zpracovane stranky! Diky!

  5. Squadron Leader Michael Barnes (Stodoly) says:

    This is a wonderful website. My great uncle was Czech. I served in the RAF with Alois Hochmal and Vaclav Raba. Two wonderful men. I also knew Joe Bernat. Alois was like a father to me. Everyone praises the Poles for their contribution but few Czechoslovaks are mentioned.

  6. Helen Partington says:

    I am the daughter of my late father, Frantisek J Hradil a crew member of 311 sq he was a mechanic also gunner and radar operator – I have been searching for his war record for many years. Or indeed for any photograph’s that may be available as he had but a few in his possession.

  7. Rick Foort says:

    I am a docent at the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Washington State, USA. Here we have a Spitfire Mk. VC (5c) (AR614) that was flown by Flying Officer Tomas Vybiral of the 312 Squadron, RAF. It is flown every summer and kept in pristine condition. It can also be seen on the FHC website at

  8. Ellen G. K. Rubin says:

    I am an American born just at the end of WWII. I collect and exhibit material by Vojtěch Kubašta and have acquired an ex libris card designed by Kubašta for Ilja Hruśák who I’ve just learned was in the 311 RAF Squadron. This article has been most helpful in my understanding the sacrifice of these brave Czech fliers. In my exhibits of Kubašta’s work, I stress the times in which this artist worked, first under the Nazis followed by the Soviets. He died in 1992 never to live in a free CR.
    I would love to know more about this brave airman.

    • John Brewster says:

      I think you are looking at the artist but read Red Sky at Night by Jo Capka to give you a “feel” for those men. I knew him an what a pleasure to know gentle kind and generous.

  9. Ron Javin says:

    Looking for relative/decendants of.
    Federman Hanus (Jhon George), Flight Lt.,(later colonel in the R. A. F.
    married to Margaret-Lillian.
    Brother to Eva Federman married to the Zdaneck familly ( moved to the U.S.A in late 1947).
    Brother of Herbert (Shmuel) Federman -killed in action in 1943 in the Greek Islands.
    Son of Ziegfried and Ellinor Federman.
    My late father, recently deceised was a friend of Herbert(Shmuel) Federman and was with him up until he fell in battle.
    Any contact or information will be welcome/
    Ron Javin

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