Stanislav Hlucka book launch

On 2 October 2016, the book ‘Stanislav Hlučka Stíhací pilot z Blažovic’ by Kristýna Vodičková, a biography of Stanislav Hlučka was launched at an event at Blažovic.

Stanislav Hlučka was a Czechoslovak RAF fighter pilot who flew with 313 Sqn who, in February 1944, was one of the 20 Czechoslovak Fighter pilots who volunteered to join the 1st Czechoslovak Independent Fighter Air Regiment in Russia. That Autumn he flew in the ill-fated Slovak uprising. Despite having flown for the Soviet forces in WW2, following the communist take-over of Czechoslovakia in February 1948, he was persecuted, arrested and imprisoned by the communists.

The book launch included an exhibition about the life of Stanislav Hlučka; his early life in his hometown of Blažovic, his military service in the RAF and Russia and post WW2 life. Also on display was RAF memorabilia and several RAF and WAAF re-enactors also attended.

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