UK Exhibition

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the formation of 310 Sqn, 311 Sqn and 312 Sqn, the Klub vojenské historie 276th Squadron RAF (re-enactment) group have brought to the UK, an exhibition detailing the achievements and endevours of the Czechoslovak men and women who served in the RAF during WW2.

The bi-lingual exhibitions panel displays also includes details of the effect the Munich Agreement had on Czechoslovakia and how those effects were the catalyist for many of the pre-ww2 Czechoslovak Air Force personnel to escape from their homeland so that they could fight for its liberation. The repercussions encountered by these men and women, following the Communist take-over in February 1948, is also covered and includes details of some of their escapes to the west for their 2nd exile.

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The exhibition opened at the Embassy of the Czech Republic, London on 26 June 2015. Additional dates and venues for this exhibition are:

2015 UK Exhibition Dates
Venue: Location: From: To:
St Duthus Church Tain, Highlands. 14:00
22 July
5 August
Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum Manston, Kent. 10 August 10 Sept.
Exeter International Aiport Exeter, Devon. 15 Sept. 31 Oct.

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