Miroslav Liskutin flies again in a Spitfire

Earlier this year 93 year young, great-grandfather, S/Ldr Miroslav Liškutín DFC, AFC was reunited with Spitfire Mk IXc, MK912, an aircraft he had last flown in 1944 whilst serving during WW2 with 312 Sqn of the RAF.

Začátkem letošního roku, ve věku 93 let, pradědeček, S/Ldr. Miroslav Liškutín usedl opět do letounu Spitfire MK IXC, s trupovým číslem MK 912, s nímž naposledy létal v roce 1944, v době druhé světové války, jako příslušník 312. perutě RAF.

Spitfire MK912 is now one of the Spitfires of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger.

Spitfire MK 912 je jedním z letounů Spitfire na Biggin Hill Hanger dědictvím UNESCO.

In July 2013 he returned again to Biggin Hill and was able to fly as a passenger in the dual-seated Spitfire ML407, better known as ‘The Grace Spitfire’

V červenci 2013 se opět vrátil do Biggin Hill, kde mu bylo umožněno usednout do letounu Spitfire ML 407 s dvojim řízením, s názvem The Grace Spitifire, na zadní sedadlo jako cestující.

The ‘Grace Spitfire’, was flown by Richard Grace and their short flight around Biggin Hill was accompanied by Spitfire MK912, flown by Peter Monk, owner of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger.

Grace Spitfire ML 702, řídil Richard Grace a při jejich krátkém letu je doprovázel ve Spitfire MK 912, Peter Monk majitel Biggin Hill Hanger dědictví UNESCO.

Afterwards he said “It was like being re-united with an old friend” and “It was an amazing experience. I could not believe I was back in a Spitfire. I haven’t been up in one since about 1953. It brings back memories of great importance, memories of being younger”.

Po přistání řekl: “Bylo to, jako bych se setkal se starým přítelem” a “Byl to úžasný zážitek, nemohl jsem uvěřit, že opět sedím ve Spitfiru. V žádném jsem nelétal od roku 1953. Vrací se mi významné vzpomínky , vzpomínky na mé mládí”.

Miroslav Liškutín in MK912.

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3 Responses to Miroslav Liskutin flies again in a Spitfire

  1. Michael Chick says:

    A few more little known facts.
    In an interview in 2013 Miroslav described how he applied to join the RAF just before war was declared, but was turned down because foreign nationals were not allowed at that time. He made his way to France and applied to join the French Air Force, but had to serve for 6 weeks in the French Foreign Legion before being accepted. When, eventually, the French Air Force collapsed he escaped to England on a fishing boat, and this time his application to join the RAF was successful. After training he joined 312 Squadron. His logbook shows he made a total of 4 sorties on the 6th June covering the invasion.

  2. Peter Doktor says:

    I salute to Mira Liskutin not only for his service but also for his brave escape from the communist regime in his native country. God bless this brave man.

  3. czechsix says:

    Reblogged this on Survival Wheels and commented:
    And some of the old vehicles are still around…good to see they’re not forgotten. Also good to see that some of the personnel involved are still with us. All honor to them.

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