Congratulations to Miroslav Liskutin

On 21 October 2014

Colonel (Ret´d) Miroslav Antonín Liškutín, DFC, AFC

was awarded the decoration

Cross of Merit of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic – 1st Grade

Miroslav Liškutín, René Klapáč and Miroslav’s son Milos

The medal was presented to him on 20 November 2014 by Lt/Col René Klapáč, Military Attaché at the Defence Office of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, London and kápitan Pavel Jáger Commander of the Czech detachment within the European Union Naval Force.

Pavel Jáger, Miroslav Liškutín and René Klapáč.

A worthy recipient of this high decoration.


Since 1997, citizens of the Czech Republic and foreign nationals can be awarded not only Czech state orders and medals, but they can also receive Defence distinctions in recognition of meritorious deeds and activities of a military nature in the areas of security, humanitarian activities, and other projects of international or domestic scope that have been performed in support of democracy and peace.

Defence distinctions are awarded to recipients by the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, who presents them on the national holidays of 8 May and 28 October, though in justified cases distinctions can be awarded by the Minister on other occasions.

The highest Defence award is the Cross of Merit of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic. This Cross is awarded to active soldiers and civilian employees of the military in recognition of their heroism, for successful leadership during battle, and for meritorious service in combat activities. The Cross is, moreover, awarded for outstanding performance in the command of troops during peacetime, for meritorious performance of service or work duties, for excellent representation of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, and for other significant acts of merit performed in support of the Defence department.

The Minister can award the Cross to any citizen of the Czech Republic as well as to foreign nationals for significant cooperation with the Defence department, for efforts in supporting the war-fighting capacity and readiness of the Czech military, and for the accomplishment of tasks performed in support of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

The Cross of Merit has three grades: the highest, Grade I, is made of metal gold in colour; Grade II is made of metal silver in colour; and Grade III is made of metal bronze in colour. Ribbons for the miniatures of the Cross of Merit differ in accordance with the grade awarded, as well as the specific colour of the metal itself.

The decoration may be presented to soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic as well as civilian employees. The cross is presented to recognize heroism, leadership during combat, and for noteworthy service in combat activities. The cross may also awarded for commanding troops during peacetime, exceptionally performing service or assigned duties, serving as a meritorious example of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, and for other notable acts of merit performed supporting the Defence department.



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2 Responses to Congratulations to Miroslav Liskutin

  1. Peter Doktor says:

    Congratulation Mr. Liskutin, you’re my hero and the jewel of Czechoslovak air force. God bless you and your family…

  2. Zdeněk says:

    Congratulation dear Mr. Liškutín. All the best and state of being well in the body and mind, and free from disease!

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