Work commences – The Winged Lion Memorial

The construction team:

and still on the evening of 16. June :

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16. June / června

15. June / června


11. June / června

9. June / června

6. June / června

Day 1 – 4. June / června

and the completed memorial scene will look like:


The Winged Lion Project Committee would also like to thank for the following sponsors for their support for this memorial:

Organizační výbor projektu Okřídleného lva, by rád poděkoval všem sponzorům a příznivcům, za podporu při realizaci stavby tohoto památníku:

Adrian Wheeler, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Smith, BAE Systems, Ben Petter & Irena Guzáková, Best Communications, Bogle Architects, British Chamber of Commerce, BRUSH SEM, Chapman Taylor, Chris Rangé, Christopher Smith, Colliers International, Crown Worldwide Group, DHL Express, Discovery Group, EnerCap Capital Partners, Europa Capital Partners, Flow East,, Gerry De’Athe, Glen Emery, Guy Pinsent, Harry Bunbury, HSBC, Ian Worboys, IOMCSL Trustees, Jan Telenský, Jan Valdinger, Jan Vondraš, Jane Townsend, Allen & Overy, JLL, John Brandon, John Locke, Jonathan Hallett, JR & Blanka Smith, Kbely Airport, Knight Frank, Levey & Jung, LOM Praha, Lukáš & Katerina Ševčík, Marek Šebesťák, Martin Skalický, Matthew Stillman, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Dunlop, Nicholas Watson, Norton Rose, Palmer Capital, Petr Karel, London Market, Portland Trust, Richard Hogg, Richard Wood, Richard York, Robert Břešťan, Robert Mulcahy, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scott Baker, Sebastian Pawlowski, Seddons, Stevan Tennant, Steve Davis, Sue Ryder, TESCO, The British Embassy of Prague, The Charnwood Company, The Emblem Hotel, The Hašek Family, Tom Dolezal, Ungelt Services, Vladimír Dlouhý, Wilson & Partners, Woodcote.


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5 Responses to Work commences – The Winged Lion Memorial

  1. Zdenek Samek says:

    I am very much looking forward to see opening ceremony. With very high respect to all of those heroes, best in our history.

  2. Vera (Vee) Darlington says:

    A fitting tribute to all those Czech airmen who fought for the freedom of their homeland. These included my father, Karel Kuttelwascher DFC and Bar.

  3. Sue Wells says:

    Very appropriate memorial for these brave airmen.

    I notice in the first of the photos showing the completed project there is a structure on the right with posters on it. One of the posters has the ‘hammer and sickle’ and the words ‘KGB’ Maybe the reason why this has been such a uphill battle.

  4. Chris Lock says:

    Politics aside, both Milena and myself look forward to paying our respects to this fine memorial and to the men the memorial represents. Lest We Forget.

  5. Mike says:

    Wow! Well done! – this memorial looks really nice and well fitting for the remembrance of these Czechoslovak RAF airmen.

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