311 Sqn book Published

311 Squadron

Now Published

a preview available here:

Available from online book stores or the publisher MMP Books.

A review of this book is here

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6 Responses to 311 Sqn book Published

  1. Karla Zuber says:

    My father is also in a few photos. I’m looking forward to reading this book even thought I bought it as a gift. Its a great accomplishment Pavel and the men of 311 squadron would be very proud of you for your immense dedication.


    • M Telford says:

      Dear Pavel,
      I ordered some time ago, my book from Booktopia. They say the supplier has not got the book as yet. Can you give us an update when it will be available?

      Happy New Year.

      • Hi Milan,
        I am sorry to hear this but I am afraid I am not able to help you much in this matter.
        There is information on the publisher website that the distributor for Australia area is:

        Platypus Publications,
        Box 13 PO,
        Glenbrook, NSW 2773.
        Tel: 0247 536148, (10am – 7 pm)

        Maybe it ca be worth to ask them directly?
        Otherwise I can only recommend to buy it directly form publisher:


      • M Telford says:

        Many thanks Pavel, I shall follow those leads up tomorrow.

      • M Telford says:

        Hi Pavel,

        Just to let you know that the contact you gave me was very good. I purchased 2 copies from him and was delivered today. Still waiting on Booktopia to let me know when they get their copies.

        Thanks and all the best,


  2. M Telford says:

    I ordered my book some time back – can’t wait to get my copy. I saw a picture of my dad in the preview. He would have loved that.

    Thanks for all the hard work, sensational. Many thanks.

    M Telford

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