Plzen – Memorial Plaque unveiled, 6.5.18.

On Sunday 6 May 2018, a Memorial plaque was unveiled at Plzeň 3 in rememberence of the Czechoslovak RAF airmen from that District.


311 Sqn pilot

Stanislav PEROUTKA

310 Sqn pilot

Miloslav PETR

310 Sqn pilot

† 29.01.43.


312 Sqn pilot


56 OTU pilot

† 22.09.41.


311 Sqn pilot

† 15.09.41.

Jindřich ZÁŘECKÝ

310 Sqn pilot

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One Response to Plzen – Memorial Plaque unveiled, 6.5.18.

  1. petr doktor says:

    No to je dobry… je na tom nevidim nic zvlastniho…. Pt ________________________________

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