Congratulations to Miroslav Liskutin

Gratulace panu Miroslavu Liskutinovi

Congratulations to Miroslav Liskutin on his promotion to Brigadier General in the Czechoslovak Air Force.

Gratulujeme panu Miroslavu Liskutinovi k jeho povýšení na brigádního generála v československém letectvu.

Well deserved and long overdue!

Velmi zasloužené, ale s velkým zpožděním udělené, bohužel!

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3 Responses to Congratulations to Miroslav Liskutin

  1. Zdenek Samek says:

    Congratulation dear Miroslav, pity that it take so long time just honor all of your great job for Czechoslovak Airforce. All the best !

  2. Pavel Kopecek says:

    Yes, congratulations Miroslav (Tony) Liskutin and thank you for the photographs, book, manuscripts and memories.
    Pavel Kopecek

  3. Reg Wyness says:

    WELL DONE Tony – the most deserving promotion of this year 2017 ..

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