Frantisek Truhlar

Video biography of F/Lt František Truhlář who was to suffer sever burns in two separate aircraft crashes during WW2. The first when he was an air-gunner with 311 Sqn when Wellington N2771 crashed at Bentley Priory 16 October 1940. His extensive burns caused him to become one of two Czechoslovak RAF airmen who required plastic surgery treatment at Dr Archibald McIndoe’s specialist burns unit at East Grinstaed – the Guinea Pig Club.

Video životopis F/Lt Františka Truhláře, který utrpěl spáleniny ve dvou oddělených haváriích letadel během 2. světové války. První, když byl střelcem 311 perutě, kdy Wellington N2771 havaroval u Bentley Priory 16. října 1940. Jeho rozsáhlé popáleniny způsobily, že se stal jedním ze dvou československých RAF letců, kteří potřebovali chirurgický zákrok a plastickou operaci u specialisty na popáleniny Dr. Archibalda McIndoe v Grinstead – Guinea Pig Club.

Despite the severity of his burns, he recovered sufficiently to be able to volunteer and be selected for fighter pilot training. However fate struck a tragic blow for him on 11 June 1944 when, in poor weather conditions, his Spitfire hit and obstacle and crashed, resulting in the aircraft catching fire and for the second time František Truhlář was badly burnt and having to Dr Archibald McIndoe for treatment for his new burns.

Bez ohledu na těžké popáleniny, se zotavil natolik, aby mohl nastoupit jako dobrovolník a být vybrán pro výcvik stíhacích pilotů. Nicméně osud mu zasadil další tragickou ránu. Dne 11. června 1944, za špatných povětrnostních podmínkách, se jeho Spitfire zavadil o překážku a havaroval. V letadle začalo hořet František Truhlář opět utrpěl zlé popáleniny. Dr. Archibald McIndoe musel opět ošetřit jeho nové popáleniny.

Video is in Czech with English subtitles.

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5 Responses to Frantisek Truhlar

  1. Philip Hammond says:

    Frankie Truhlar – a hero of both Czechoslovakia and Britain. The world today would be a very different place had it not been for men like Frantisek.

  2. Aviationtrails says:

    I was so moved by his story I have re-blogged it.

  3. Jan Šinágl says:

    RAF: Frantisek Truhlar

    Zdravim a dekuji! JS

  4. What a moving story of a very brave man. His treatment, by those whom he fought to free, was disgraceful.

  5. Petr Doktor says:

    Very touching story of one of the brave. The RAF pilots were the only heroes of Czechoslovakia. The Masin brothers were the followers. It is a shame they’re rejected of this honour….

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