Vladimir Sponar – 3 October 2015

Rádi bychom pozvali všechny příznivce československých letců v RAF

We would like to invite all friends of Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF to a lecture,
in Czech

na přednášku


Vladimír Šponar

pilot 311. perutě

311 Sqn Pilot

Přednášet bude


Pavel Vančata

Přednáška bude doprovázena prezentací s bohatou fotodokumentací.

The lecture will include many photographs.

Místo :
Location :
sál kulturního domu, Ostrov 57, okres Chrudim
Culture Hall, Ostrov 57, Chrudim, Czech Republic.
Termín :
Date :
sobota 3. 10. 2015 od 15.00
Saturday 3 October 2015 at 15.00

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1 Response to Vladimir Sponar – 3 October 2015

  1. Rachel Sponar Harrison says:

    Delighted to learn this talk is happening tomorrow. Vladimir Sponar was my father and would have been 100 years this January if he had survived this long. Thank you for recognising his achievements. I am sure this would have made him feel very proud! Rachel Sponar Harrison, Lincoln, England.

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