Remembered Czechoslovak Airmen




A very big thank you to the visitors from the Czech Republic who have visited the National Battle of Britain Memorial, at Capel-le-Ferne, to remember the 88 Czechoslovak RAF pilots who fought in that battle.



A veliký dík patří návštěvníkům z České republiky, kteří navštívili Národní památník bitvy o Británii v Capelle-Ferme, kde si připoměli 88 československých zahraničních letců RAF, kteří se účastnili bojů v této bitvě.





You can also help remember a Czechoslovak Battle of Britain pilot

Pomůžete tak uchovat v paměti československé piloty v Bitvě o Británii.

Please read this article here. Details of how you can give your support are at the bottom of that article.

Přdečtěte si tento článek zde. Údaje o možnostech poskytnutí Vaší podpory jsou na konci tohoto článku.


Article last updated: 10 August 2011



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5 Responses to Remembered Czechoslovak Airmen

  1. AS 2 EAWS, ESWS Robert L Marek USN Retired says:

    I too had family ( MAREK) from Czech Republic that had fought in various wars. I am proud of my family that gave their life for their beliefs..i thank each and everyone for their service. each day i look for my family on the internet and save the info for my family tree.

  2. AS 2 EAWS, ESWS Robert L Marek USN Retired says:

    To those military personnel that fought , has shown honor dignity and pride for their country and what they believed in. As a military vet, i saluted to all those who sacrificed and gave their all. it is an honor to read about great sacrifices these men and women gave . i too know what it feels to stand straight with your head up in showing pride. In a way we all are brothers no matter what country you are from.from one military( US Navy)to another military, i can say one say: fair winds and smooth sailing. may God Watch over you and your family. job well done.

  3. Jerry Milek says:

    Very good to remember the real heros of the war. Too bad that Czechoslovakia had to pay after the war to England even the socks of those very same airmen, which were giving their lives in the fight against Hitler defending England… (By the end of the war , half of the pilots lost their lives. they were about 800 Czech pilots in RAF).

  4. Rich says:

    Well done!

  5. richard Wells says:

    Excellent that these Czech pilots are remembered by visitors coming from these airmen’s homeland!

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